The Scream Team

Kat as: Claire Carlyle
Directed by: Stuart Gillard
Written by: Robert Short (story), Daniel Berendsen (story)
Music By: David Kitay
Genre: Comedy | Family | Fantasy
Release Date: October 4, 2002 (US)
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Two children move into a town where their grandfather has just died. They later discover that a society of ghosts are searching for their grandfather’s lost soul. The children decide to find the soul but then find out that an evil ghost has stolen it. The children join forces with the Soul Patrol, a group of dead people who search for ghosts, to find the soul and destroy the evil ghost. In the end they discover that the evil ghost was really a misunderstood inventor whose wife was killed in a terrible accident with one of his inventions and the townspeople thinks he murdered her on purpose. He ultimately captures the Soul Patrol but the children manage to get him to stop by revealing the truth. He releases all of the trapped spirits and finally moves on. The children and their father return home to find the grandfather’s spirit waiting for them having been given a couple of hours by the Soul Patrol to talk to his family. He reveals how proud he is of his son, something he never did in life and the grandfather’s spirit and the dad spend a couple hours catching up before the grandfather finally moves on to the afterlife. The family decides to stay in town which is changing from bashing the formerly evil ghost to the truth about him.

About Kat’s Character

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did you know?

» Was intended as a pilot for a television series; however, nothing came out of it.