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Gallery Update: To Write Love On Her Arms Captures

Posted by Renee on 14 October 2017 with 0 Comments

Thanks to Joshua, I have added over 2000 captures of Kat in 2012’s To Write Love On Her Arms.



kd_TWLOHA-Caps_0033.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_0389.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_1784.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_2283.jpg

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Screencaptures Update: 2014 Peoples Choice Awards

Posted by Renee on 24 September 2017 with 0 Comments

I recently managed to get my hands on HD video from the 2014 People’s Choice Awards Press Day, which Kat hosted with Beth Behrs. I have added 1080p captures from both the press kit and the nominations ceremony.


kd_2014PCAPressKit_002.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_019.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_048.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_282.jpg

kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_060.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_221.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_473.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_607.jpg

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Gallery Update: Ellen Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 12 October 2016 with 0 Comments

I’ve addedover 800 HD captures of Kat on Ellen on October 07!


kd_Ellen-20161007_067.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_232.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_613.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_844.jpg

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Screencaptures: Ellen

Posted by Renee on 01 January 2016 with 0 Comments

I’ve added over 500 HD captures of Kat on Ellen last month.


kd_Ellen-2151210_054.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_153.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_500.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_516.jpg

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‘Defendor’ Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 10 March 2015 with 0 Comments

I’ve added over 800 captures from Defendor, a film Kat did back in 2009!

kd_Defendor-Caps_053.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_209.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_646.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_815.jpg

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Suburban Gothic is out!

Posted by Renee on 04 February 2015 with 0 Comments

Suburban Gothic is out on VOD! It can be purchased or rented via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It’s a great movie and Kat (as always!) is brilliant in it. I’ve also added captures from the movie to the gallery.


kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0015.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0064.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0518.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0717.jpg

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2 Broke Girls 4×05 and 4×06 HD Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 11 December 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added 1080p captures of Kat in the last two episodes of 2 Broke Girls, …And the Brand Job and …And the Model Apartment!


kd_2BG-405_019.jpg kd_2BG-405_291.jpg kd_2BG-405_767.jpg kd_2BG-405_938.jpg

kd_2BG-406_041.jpg kd_2BG-406_202.jpg kd_2BG-406_783.jpg kd_2BG-406_977.jpg

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“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 29 November 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added 900 HD captures of Kat’s November 28th appearance on The Late Late Show with Ferguson, which can be viewed at


kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_003.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_063.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_853.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_948.jpg

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Ellen and Conan HD Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 24 October 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added HD screencaptures of Kat on Ellen this past Tuesday and Conan this past Wednesday!


kd_Ellen-20141021_048.jpg kd_Ellen-20141021_119.jpg kd_Ellen-20141021_599.jpg kd_Ellen-20141021_690.jpg

kd_Conan-20141022_077.jpg kd_Conan-20141022_228.jpg kd_Conan-20141022_298.jpg kd_Conan-20141022_790.jpg

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Movie Screencaptures Update

Posted by Renee on 22 October 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added screencaptures from four of Kat’s movies (The House Bunny, Down in the Valley, Raise Your Voice and The Scream Team) to the gallery!


Thank you to Holly for the Scream Team caps!

kd_RaiseYourVoice_120.jpg kd_RaiseYourVoice_174.jpg kd_RaiseYourVoice_261.jpg kd_RaiseYourVoice_288.jpg

kd_TheHouseBunny_014.jpg kd_TheHouseBunny_147.jpg kd_TheHouseBunny_228.jpg kd_TheHouseBunny_385.jpg

kd_DownInTheValley_013.jpg kd_DownInTheValley_098.jpg kd_DownInTheValley_123.jpg kd_DownInTheValley_128.jpg

kd_TheScreamTeam_018.jpg kd_TheScreamTeam_238.jpg kd_TheScreamTeam_414.jpg kd_TheScreamTeam_561.jpg

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