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‘Suburban Gothic’ Gallery Updates

Posted by Renee on 18 October 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added stills and trailer captures of Kat in the movie Suburban Gothic to the gallery! Hopefully the movie is released on digital/home media soon!


kd_SuburbanGothicStills_002.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicStills_004.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicStills_006.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicStills_005.jpg

kd_SuburbanGothicTrailer_009.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicTrailer_076.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicTrailer_087.jpg kd_SuburbanGothicTrailer_112.jpg

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Sesame Street HD Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 16 September 2014 with 2 Comments

I’ve added over 600 captures of Kat in Sesame Street to the gallery!

kd_SesameStreet_0036.jpg kd_SesameStreet_0252.jpg kd_SesameStreet_0483.jpg kd_SesameStreet_0619.jpg

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“Sex and the City” Gallery Updates

Posted by Renee on 12 April 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added screencaps of Kat as Jenny in a 2000 episode of Sex and the City, as well as 4 HQ on-set photos!


kd_SATC3x15_002.jpg kd_SATC3x15_083.jpg kd_SATC3x15_128.jpg kd_SATC3x15_177.jpg

 kd_SATCOnset_001.jpg kd_SATCOnset_002.jpg kd_SATCOnset_003.jpg kd_SATCOnset_004.jpg

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More PCA Gallery Updates

Posted by Renee on 10 January 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added several hundred more images of Kat at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards, including more HQ photos of Kat arriving and hosting, screencaps of the show, and a new portrait session!


kd_2014PCA-Arrivals_210.jpg kd_2014PCA-Show_096.jpg kd_2014PCA-Caps_401.jpg kd_2014-002_001.jpg

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Gallery Updates

Posted by Renee on 08 November 2013 with 0 Comments

Thanks to Claudia, I’ve added over 100 new photos of Kat at the 2014 PCA Nominations Announcement! I’ve also added 450 HD caps from Kat’s Thor 2 press interview.


kd_2014PCANominations_085.jpg kd_2014PCANominations_130.jpg kd_2014PCANominations_133.jpg kd_2014PCANominations_156.jpg

kd_Thor2Generic_032.jpg kd_Thor2Generic_123.jpg kd_Thor2Generic_331.jpg kd_Thor2Generic_439.jpg

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Thor 2: The Dark World EPK Interview + Screencaps

Posted by Renee on 18 October 2013 with 0 Comments

I’ve also added over 500 1080p screencaps from this interview to the gallery

kd_T2EPKICaps_005.jpg kd_T2EPKICaps_223.jpg kd_T2EPKICaps_273.jpg kd_T2EPKICaps_523.jpg

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