2 Broke Girls 3×16-3×20 HD Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 08 April 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added over 3000 HD screencaptures of Kat in the five most recent episodes of 2 Broke Girls to the gallery.


kd_2BG-3x16_084.jpg kd_2BG-3x16_284.jpg kd_2BG-3x16_457.jpg kd_2BG-3x16_809.jpg

kd_2BG-3x17_032.jpg kd_2BG-3x17_280.jpg kd_2BG-3x17_603.jpg kd_2BG-3x17_854.jpg

kd_2BG-3x18_098.jpg kd_2BG-3x18_222.jpg kd_2BG-3x18_787.jpg kd_2BG-3x18_944.jpg

kd_2BG-3x19_093.jpg kd_2BG-3x19_298.jpg kd_2BG-3x19_700.jpg kd_2BG-3x19_839.jpg

kd_2BG-3x20_097.jpg kd_2BG-3x20_295.jpg kd_2BG-3x20_670.jpg kd_2BG-3x20_896.jpg

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