Kat as: Darcy Lewis
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Written by: Ashley Miller (screenplay), Zack Stentz (screenplay) [more]
Composer(s): Patrick Doyle
Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Release Date: May 6, 2011 (US)
Taglines: Two worlds. One hero. | Courage is immortal. | The god of thunder. The king of Asgard. The god of mischief. The guardian of worlds. The goddess of war. The woman of science.
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The warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard by his father Odin for his arrogance and sent to Earth to live among humans. Falling in love with scientist Jane Foster teaches Thor much-needed lessons, and his new-found strength comes into play as a villain from his homeland sends dark forces toward Earth.

About Kat’s Character

Darcy Lewis is a research assistant who works for Jane Foster. Known for her acerbic demeanor, she assists Foster with her investigation of atmospheric phenomena and becomes embroiled in the adventure when Thor is exiled to Earth. Lewis’ pragmatic witticisms often annoy her companions, but her insights often help them when their scientific analysis of the situation fails. Lewis gained her research position despite the fact that has no scientific background. She is a political science major and was the only person to apply for the job. She is very quick to state that risking her life on Foster’s research is not worth the six college credits she is getting in return for her assistance.

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did you know?

» Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings share a birthday.

» The post-credits scene was directed by The Avengers director Joss Whedon to connect his film with this one.

» As Thor is leaving the restaurant to go to the crater site and Jane follows him, you can see a small water tower at the end of the street that says “Welcome. Home of the Vikings.”