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Kat and Beth for Warriors in Pink

Posted by Renee on 10 October 2013 with 0 Comments

Thanks to Claudia, I’ve added one scan from Kat and Beth’s campaign for Warriors in Pink!


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Kat in Marie Claire + New Photoshoot

Posted by Renee on 14 September 2013 with 0 Comments

I’ve added one scan of Kat in October’s Marie Claire to the gallery, as well as one HQ photo from the photoshoot!


kd_13-10MarieClaire_001.jpg kd_2013-004_001.jpg

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5 Actors On Their Emmy-Worthy Years: Backstage Magazine Scans

Posted by Claudia on 09 June 2013 with 0 Comments

Million thanks to Anjelica for donating those scans, enjoy them HQ in our gallery.

Kat Dennings’ most difficult scene on “2 Broke Girls” ended up cut from the show. Anna Gunn had to mime a sex act for her “Breaking Bad” audition. Simon Helberg turned down his first audition for “The Big Bang Theory.” Jessica Paré found out she was getting a proposal on “Mad Men” from someone in the prop department. Guillermo Diaz spent a day being waterboarded naked for “Scandal.” Those are just some of the revelations uncovered during Backstage’s third annual Emmy Roundtable, held in May in Hollywood. All five actors are coming off a terrific year on popular programs and spoke about landing their roles, their most difficult scenes, and when they realized their show was a hit.

How were all of you cast?
Kat Dennings:
I got offered the role, which is a lucky break. I worked with Michael Patrick King when I was 13, on my first big job on “Sex and the City.” I played this bitchy girl having her bat mitzvah.

Were you looking to do television?
I wasn’t, really. It was just kind of the perfect thing—it shoots near where I live, and it’s great. Sometimes you just don’t want to go to Canada anymore and shoot at 3 a.m. when you have the flu, for $2 a day. It’s such a luxury to work near where your family lives and actually make a little bit of cheddar. Just to be clear—I love Canada!


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Gallery Update

Posted by Nicole on 30 September 2012 with 0 Comments

Added the screencaps from the 2BrokeGils Pilot, an old 2008’s photoshoot and a magazine scan from Nylon – September 2011 issue :)

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CBS Watch! August 2012 Scans

Posted by Nicole on 27 September 2012 with 0 Comments

Added the scans from CBS’ Watch! Magazine – August 2012 issue – feat. Kat and Beth Behrs in the gallery!

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