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Kat on ‘People Now’

Posted by Renee on 18 July 2020 with 0 Comments

Kat was on ‘People Now’ earlier today. Over 700 HD screencaps have been added to the gallery!




Gallery Update: To Write Love On Her Arms Captures

Posted by Renee on 14 October 2017 with 0 Comments

Thanks to Joshua, I have added over 2000 captures of Kat in 2012’s To Write Love On Her Arms.



kd_TWLOHA-Caps_0033.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_0389.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_1784.jpg kd_TWLOHA-Caps_2283.jpg

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Screencaptures Update: 2014 Peoples Choice Awards

Posted by Renee on 24 September 2017 with 0 Comments

I recently managed to get my hands on HD video from the 2014 People’s Choice Awards Press Day, which Kat hosted with Beth Behrs. I have added 1080p captures from both the press kit and the nominations ceremony.


kd_2014PCAPressKit_002.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_019.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_048.jpg kd_2014PCAPressKit_282.jpg

kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_060.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_221.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_473.jpg kd_2014PCANomsCeremony_607.jpg

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Gallery Update: Ellen Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 12 October 2016 with 0 Comments

I’ve addedover 800 HD captures of Kat on Ellen on October 07!


kd_Ellen-20161007_067.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_232.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_613.jpg kd_Ellen-20161007_844.jpg

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Screencaptures: Ellen

Posted by Renee on 01 January 2016 with 0 Comments

I’ve added over 500 HD captures of Kat on Ellen last month.


kd_Ellen-2151210_054.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_153.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_500.jpg kd_Ellen-2151210_516.jpg

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‘Defendor’ Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 10 March 2015 with 0 Comments

I’ve added over 800 captures from Defendor, a film Kat did back in 2009!

kd_Defendor-Caps_053.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_209.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_646.jpg kd_Defendor-Caps_815.jpg

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Suburban Gothic is out!

Posted by Renee on 04 February 2015 with 0 Comments

Suburban Gothic is out on VOD! It can be purchased or rented via iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It’s a great movie and Kat (as always!) is brilliant in it. I’ve also added captures from the movie to the gallery.


kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0015.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0064.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0518.jpg kd_SuburbanGothic-Caps_0717.jpg

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2 Broke Girls 4×05 and 4×06 HD Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 11 December 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added 1080p captures of Kat in the last two episodes of 2 Broke Girls, …And the Brand Job and …And the Model Apartment!


kd_2BG-405_019.jpg kd_2BG-405_291.jpg kd_2BG-405_767.jpg kd_2BG-405_938.jpg

kd_2BG-406_041.jpg kd_2BG-406_202.jpg kd_2BG-406_783.jpg kd_2BG-406_977.jpg

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“The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” Screencaptures

Posted by Renee on 29 November 2014 with 0 Comments

I’ve added 900 HD captures of Kat’s November 28th appearance on The Late Late Show with Ferguson, which can be viewed at


kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_003.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_063.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_853.jpg kd_CraigFerguson-20141128_948.jpg

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