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Paste Magazine Interview

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And as a character, Dallas is somewhat uncharted territory for any actress. She nominally does for, say, Han Solo what Rick Sanchez does for Doc Brown—honing in on that character’s distinguishing element and underlining the shit out of it. The difference is that female characters in these kinds of shows a) aren’t normally the lead character (Robo and Dallas argue over who is whose sidekick, but Robo is definitely the Watson here), and b) they don’t normally get to be so roguish. “It wasn’t like when I signed up they were like ‘oh, we should give her a bigger role,’” says Dennings. “This was the show… That’s what attracted me so much—that she’s playing the role that, typically, a dude would play.” For her, the atypical character has paid off, creatively. “She is my favorite character I’ve ever played,” she adds. “Ever. In my entire career. I get so much joy from saying the things that she says.”

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The 2 Broke Girls Prep for People’s Choice Awards

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Now in their third season of serving up laughs as struggling waitresses on CBS’s 2 Broke Girls, Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are taking on an exciting new challenge: co-hosts of the People’s Choice Awards. I spoke with the stars as they prepped for their big debut.

TV Guide Magazine:The Big Bang Theory‘s Kaley Cuoco hosted this awards show in 2012 and 2013. Did you pick up any pointers from her?
Beth Behrs: We were in the audience for her first time and she did such a good job. She’s the nicest person ever and tweeted out her support for us.

TV Guide Magazine:You have your sitcom writers writing your material, correct?
Behrs: Yes, and we’re super excited about that. What they have planned is amazing.
Kat Dennings: It’ll be interesting and fun for people to see us as ourselves — but a heightened stage version of ourselves.

TV Guide Magazine:Any standard award show material you want to avoid?
Dennings: I don’t like when hosts make fun of people. It makes me uncomfortable, so I don’t think we’ll be doing any of that.
Behrs: I feel like the only person who can really make fun of people and get away with it is Ricky Gervais because he is a genius. We’ll probably be making more fun of ourselves.

TV Guide Magazine:Can we expect a splashy Neil Patrick Harris type of song-and-dance number?
Behrs: I’d be game because I love me some song, but Kat, on the other hand, might not be as game.
Dennings: I’m not.

TV Guide Magazine:The People’s Choice Awards honor both old and new shows. Are there any new TV shows you like?
Dennings: We both love Mom.
Behrs: That’s my favorite for sure. Allison Janney and Anna Faris are our dressing room neighbors, so we get to see them all the time.

TV Guide Magazine:And what long-running shows do you make time to watch?
Behrs: I like Homeland.

TV Guide Magazine:What’s coming up on your show in 2014?
Dennings: Max is going to enter uncharted territory with her partner in her tasting class. He’s maybe the first guy she’s ever liked just as a friend.

TV Guide Magazine:What about seeing your characters getting engaged this season?
Behrs: The girls are still young and focused on their careers. Unless we run for like 10 years, when we’re 2 Broke Old Ladies, we’ll probably stay single. We’re kind of each other’s boyfriends on the show, because we’re always together.
Dennings: Absolutely! I’m open to anything, but the romance on the show is ultimately Max and Caroline.

TV Guide Magazine:And lastly, what are your hopes for your characters in the new year?
Dennings: I’d love to see Bette Midler play Max’s mom. I love her. Max is always talking about how horrible her mom was.
Behrs: And I’d love Goldie Hawn to play Caroline’s mom. We keep talking about how she left and never came back when Caroline was really young.
Dennings: Bette and Goldie are both from The First Wives Club.
Behrs: Either one of them — or even Diane Keaton — would fit in quite well on our show!

The People’s Choice Awards air Wednesday, Jan. 8, 9/8c, CBS, with scheduled appearances by Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Emily Deschanel, Roma Downey, Marg Helgenberger, Josh Holloway, LL Cool J, Chris O’Donnell, Michael Weatherly and many more.


Dennings slams size zero

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Kat Dennings is used to being seen as “fat” in the movie industry.

The gorgeous brunette has never followed the trend for being stick thin that is often portrayed in the media.

Instead she is a healthy UK size 10/12 and looks down on anyone who slates her for having curves.

“I often get called fat,” she admitted to German magazine Bravo.

“When I moved to Hollywood at the age of 14, I immediately realised: this is not a cool place. I have always hated it!”

Her great attitude means the 27-year-old has scored roles in TV show 2 Broke Girls and blockbuster franchise Thor.

She’s never let skinny ideals hold her back or allowed them to affect her confidence.

“I feel great. End of!” she grinned.

With her distinctive look and hilarious character on 2 Broke Girls, Kat certainly stands out in Hollywood.

However, she recently revealed there’s one word she can’t stand being called – ‘Quirky’.

“I hate that damn word!” she exclaimed to

“Quirky is what a guy would call a girl he doesn’t understand…

“I don’t think I’m a weirdo in a bad way, there’s just a lot going on in my head.”

Kat appears alongside Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World and wore some gorgeous dresses while promoting the movie earlier this year.

It’s also been announced Kat and her 2 Broke Girls co-star Beth Behrs will host the 2014 People’s Choice Awards.


Kat Dennings Talks Darcy in Thor: The Dark World

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So something that really struck me about Thor: Dark World, was how funny it was. There were some really great lines, and your character, Darcy, had some of the best ones. How important do you think it is to have a character like Darcy, who is so relatable and down-to-Earth, in such a big, action-packed, special-effects movie?

Kat Dennings: I think it is super important, especially when there is so much fantasy and so much action going on, its nice to have a little comic-relief… because this movie gets very dark, and it’s called The Dark World … but really like emotionally dark, and there is a lot going on, so I find her like a breath of fresh air; a nice kind of break. And from the fan perspective and the audience’s perspective, I think she is a kind of fun person to watch.

And she is definitely the most relatable, obviously… because she is not a super-hero or a physicist.

Kat Dennings: Yes, she is just a person.

Yeah… and she takes everything with a grain of salt, like nothing seems to surprise or shock her. How do you think she would react seeing another world like Asgard?

Kat Dennings: That is something that maybe in the future might happen… because I think there would be nothing more hilarious than Darcy reacting to Asgard. I’m not sure what, probably something highly inappropriate. Now that would be fun!

So Darcy is not in the Thor comics… so how much of yourself did you bring to the character, and did it free you up not having to be compared to an already existing comic book character?

Kat Dennings: It did… there was no pressure, that’s for sure. And in the beginning, I heard later after I got the role, it was supposed to be a guy… so there was really just a freedom there, because she just didn’t exist. So she was born out of a really extensive rehearsal process before we started filming the first movie. I remember when I went in for my final audition, it was Kenneth Branagh and Craig Kyle, one of the executives, behind a camera and me sitting behind a desk just answering questions in character. Like there was no structure what so ever and I just played her like a stoner-idiot. (Laughter) But out of the stoner-idiot, came this sweet little sister type thing with Jane that came out of our real-life friendship that they saw in rehearsals and kind of wrote to.

It would be great to see Darcy in an Avengers movie, because I think it would be fun to see her talking smack to all of the other characters… who do you think she would get along with best, and who do you think she would be most combative with?

Kat Dennings: Ha-ha.. I would love to see that! I feel like she would love Tony Stark… and I think she would get along with the Hulk, and be a little weirded out and scared of him, but really love him. I don’t know… I, as a person, think that she would totally latch on to Samuel L. Jackson and just never leave his side, and be obsessed with him forever… because I am in real life. Yes… I think she would be in LOVE with Samuel L. Jackson.

Really?!!! Have you met Samuel L. Jackson?

Kat Dennings: No… but he is my reason for living, kind of. (Laughter) My dressing room at work, we have like fake names on our doors just for fun, and mine is Jules Winnfield. Ha-ha… I’m such a big fan; I love him!

I read in the notes that you were constantly flying back and forth from LA to London during the filming… how taxing of a schedule was that?

Kat Dennings: Ugh… Very taxing, but completely worth it. I would shoot three weeks in LA for the show, and then finish on Tuesday night and fly out Wednesday to London and shoot 7 days, fly home Tuesday and then back to work on Wednesday again. So it was two time changes, a lot of work because in the show I’m in every scene… so it was a lot. It was mentally a lot, and physically a lot, but I knew that it was worth it at the time… I was like, just keep going! And I was really out of it most of filming Thor2, so seeing it… I didn’t remember anything I said, so it was like seeing it for the first time. It was almost like I wasn’t there.

Well, it kind of plays into Darcy’s spaced-out character.

Kat Dennings: Yes!

So, in this movie Darcy, somehow, has an intern but they don’t really say where she got him from… where do you think Darcy would find this guy?

Kat Dennings: I don’t know… Jonathan and I talked about that and I feel like maybe she was running an errand for Jane and found him at some tech store and stole him off the street. He’s adorable… he is a great actor, that kid.

I like how abusive Darcy is to the intern too… I feel like just a little bit of power, and she runs with it.

Kat Dennings: She is so abusive! I feel like she has waited her whole life to be mean to someone. Just to be somebody’s boss and a small bit of power turns Darcy into a monster… I love it!

Do you have a real live intern, and do you need one?

Kat Dennings: Ha-ha… no, but I need one. I just can’t afford one, but that would be great.

So what were the main differences between working with Kenneth Branagh on the first Thor and Alan Taylor on the new film?

Kat Dennings: Oh, well they are very different people, the movie and the scripts were very different. The story in the first one, Ken had a real difficult task to make a fantasy and mythological world real and accessible; very difficult. And he did it so gracefully and really fun. It’s a really fun that first one… and it’s such a great film, even if you didn’t know anything about the comic book. And this one is more of a big-scope, epic adventure… so Alan really had a lot on his plate, and he just did an amazing job.

So besides the show… what is next for you?

Kat Dennings: I did a really weird and amazing indie movie over my summer break called Suburban Gothic. We’ll see what happens to it, I think they are still editing it and are going to submit it to festivals, but I play a metal-head… like a real metal-head and I had a wig and everything. John Waters is in it, and Ray Wise, Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds … I feel like for a lot of cult movie fans, it’s a dream.

Did you have to brush up on your metal?

Kat Dennings No… I’m pretty metal.


‘Thor: The Dark World’ Star Kat Dennings Talks Darcy’s Future, Stalking Joss Whedon, and Her Own Disney Ride

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Yes, “Thor: The Dark World” is the kind of giant-sized spectacle you normally expect from the good folks at Marvel and Disney: there are giant spaceships, floating gondolas, a huge monster rampaging around modern-day London, and a celestial goo that has the power to wipe out entire worlds. But, for my money, the best moment in the whole movie is when Darcy, a flustered intern played by Kat Dennings, looks at Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and says, “How’s space?” And he looks down at her and says, “Space is good.”

One of the great surprises of “Thor: The Dark World,” in fact, is how much Darcy features in the action, and how many great moments she gets to share, with not only her boss lady Jane (Natalie Portman) but Thor and even her very own intern.

We got to talk to Dennings about whether or not she was surprised by being brought back, that time she stalked Joss Whedon, and what kind of Disney ride she would like to see Darcy star in.

Moviefone: Were you surprised to be brought back?
Kat Dennings: I’m always surprised whenever anything good happens to me… so yes. I was hoping but I didn’t know. I didn’t know I was in the sequel until right before I got the script. People kept asking me if I knew and I honestly didn’t know. And then when I did know, I couldn’t tell anybody. I had to keep it in. But I was super excited.

Was there anything you wanted to do in this one that you didn’t get to do?
If Darcy does get brought back for future movies, I would love to see her brought to Asgard, because there is unlimited comedy potential. But Darcy has so much fun stuff to do in this movie and so much to say. I remember when I read the script, it’s so epic but I would have bursts of hilarity with Darcy’s lines. They really gave me fantastic dialogue.

That’s the thing; not only are you back but your role is expanded.
Yeah, definitely. I didn’t think I would even be in the first movie. I thought they were going to cut me, because I’m not necessary. I was almost hesitant to tell any that I was in it because I felt like if they needed to cut something, they’d just cut Darcy, because she doesn’t have anything to do anything. But they left everything in the first movie and I think fans of the first movie really like her and she serves a great role. So I was shocked and excited about all the great stuff I get to do.

Some of your dialogue felt like Joss had something to do with it?
He just might… Actually, I don’t know. He was around sometimes. Sometimes I would just see him in a raincoat just standing to the side and I’d think, Oh, that’s Joss Whedon. But I didn’t go up to him because I didn’t know if he was busy and I’m just not good at that. One day I’ll go up to him and say, “Hey, I saw you in a raincoat one time.”

Yeah, that’s not menacing at all.
Yeah, it’s not weird. “Hey, I saw you doing something private that I wasn’t involved in at all. But hey what’s up?”

You get to be the movie’s central form of comic relief. That’s kind of a lot to have on your shoulders, especially with a movie like this.
Oh yeah, especially having seen the finished movie, there’s a lot of emotional darkness, and a lot of scary and amazing things happen. So Darcy is very needed and I think that lightness is really needed. It’s really fun to be that and now, the second time around… The first time around I was like, well, I’ll just do what I do and if I get cut? Hey! But now, that I didn’t get cut, I’m back, so Darcy is important now. It wasn’t pressure but I knew how important it was. So I really tried to do my best.

Now that you are so invested, are you like, “Well, Darcy could find her way into ‘Captain America.'”
I mean, I secretly hope that Darcy is in all the other things. I don’t know. I’m just grateful that I’m involved. I’m a fan of Marvel movies and it was an acting slash life goal to be in one. And now I’ve been in two. So I’m not about to start asking things. I’m very grateful to be where I am.

Did you read comic books growing up?
Yeah, my brother Jeffrey, who is seven years older than me, was a big comic-book fan, and I idolized him and did whatever he did. And it was through him that I learned about Thor. And when this happened, he was just beside himself. I brought him to Santa Fe with me. He was walking around the town losing his mind.

There are a lot of things in this movie that just aren’t there on the day. Did anything surprise you when you saw the finished movie?
Yes! A lot of things that I read on the page, it’s hard to really imagine. But when I saw the dark elves and all of the worlds, I was so impressed. And mostly it’s the effects that weren’t there when we were shooting. “Oh, that’s what that is, that’s what that crash was — it’s a giant alien.” So it’s nice to see everything put together. And I knew the effects took a long time; the 3D too — there’s nothing like seeing yourself jump out at you.

I imagine that’s got to be weird.
It’s crazy. It’s crazy. [Laughs] I can reach out and touch my face.

Do you have an action figure?
I have a LEGO, I just found out. It’s a pretty big deal, I’m not going to lie. I think she’s a Minimate. I have shown everybody I know. And my nieces and nephews are young, so they’re all going to get me for Hanukkah. They’ll get little Aunt Katies.

Has Kevin teased you at all about where you’ll go?
No. People tease me about “Avengers” and stuff, but I know too much to take things seriously. I don’t know. But I’d be over the moon.

I could see Darcy popping up on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
Hey, whatever Marvel wants me to do. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hear it’s really cool.

Considering Disney owns Marvel, could you imagine yourself popping up in a theme park ride?
Oh, god. I haven’t even thought of that before. Could you imagine? Darcy’s boring car ride to Staples.

Hey, I’d go on it.
That’s really dreaming big!


Kat Dennings on Thor: The Dark World

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CraveOnline: I want to start with the coolest project I think you did this year. Did you actually get to meet Hanson?

Kat Dennings: [Gasps] I did get to meet Hanson! Thank you for talking about this.


I’m stoked. And I was curious, because in the video I never see you on screen with them. So I was worried that they shot on a different day.
Oh, they were there. Don’t worry. I know. I was so bummed. I was like, “So who am I with in the video? Am I with Taylor, am I with Zac, am I with Isaac…?” Nope, I was with somebody else, but they were there, and it was the biggest deal ever for me.



Did you find out if they were like, “Get me Kat Dennings?!” Were they behind your casting?

Well, we became friends on Twitter… which was one of my life goals, to become friends with Hanson. And then Taylor texted me one day to ask me if I would like to be in a video, and I think I didn’t even give a cursory five-minute cool time, and I just replied immediately and in all caps. Then I wrote the most ridiculous e-mail to my team, in all caps, like, “I’M DOING THIS. I’M DOING IT FOR FREE. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. SEE YOU GUYS LATER.” [Laughs] “PUT IT ON MY SCHEDULE. I’M IN A HANSON VIDEO.”


Had you met them before or was it only on Twitter?

We met on Twitter and then we all had dinner, and like hung out a little bit, and they were the best. It was the biggest deal ever.
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Thor: The Dark World UK Press Conference

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