Gallery Update: Talkshow Appearances

Posted by Renee on 23 October 2015 with 0 Comments

I’ve added HD captures as well as stills from two talkshow appearances Kat did earlier this year to the gallery!


kd_Corden-20150423_012.jpg kd_Corden-20150423_247.jpg kd_Corden-20150423_774.jpg kd_Corden-20150423_869.jpg

kd_Fallon-20150928_007.jpg kd_Fallon-20150928_334.jpg kd_Fallon-20150928_654.jpg kd_Fallon-20150928_763.jpg

kd_Fallon0928105-stills_007.jpg kd_Fallon0928105-stills_008.jpg kd_Fallon0928105-stills_013.jpg kd_Fallon0928105-stills_014.jpg

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