Kat Dennings and Best Friend Rodene Jones Get Real About Breast Cancer and Female Friendship

Posted by Renee on 09 October 2013 with 0 Comments

Two Broke Girls star Kat Dennings and her best friend, photographer Rodene Jones, first met as teenagers. Like any close, longtime friends, the two have weathered their share of successes and setbacks together in the years since — but nothing prepared them for Rodene’s breast-cancer diagnosis last year at age 31. After Rodene’s fiancé noticed a lump underneath her breast, Rodene not only learned she had triple-negative cancer, but she also tested positive for BRCA1; that gene greatly increases the likelihood of contracting breast and ovarian cancers. Rodene quickly began a grueling treatment process that would transform not only her own life but the lives of the people who love her.

On the latest episode of In Her World, we sit down with Kat and Rodene for a surprisingly honest, candid talk about the realities of facing cancer, the transformative power of friendship, and what every young woman needs to know — and do — about taking control of her health. Brought to you by Ford Warriors in Pink.


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