Kat Dennings on Thor: The Dark World

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CraveOnline: I want to start with the coolest project I think you did this year. Did you actually get to meet Hanson?

Kat Dennings: [Gasps] I did get to meet Hanson! Thank you for talking about this.


I’m stoked. And I was curious, because in the video I never see you on screen with them. So I was worried that they shot on a different day.
Oh, they were there. Don’t worry. I know. I was so bummed. I was like, “So who am I with in the video? Am I with Taylor, am I with Zac, am I with Isaac…?” Nope, I was with somebody else, but they were there, and it was the biggest deal ever for me.



Did you find out if they were like, “Get me Kat Dennings?!” Were they behind your casting?

Well, we became friends on Twitter… which was one of my life goals, to become friends with Hanson. And then Taylor texted me one day to ask me if I would like to be in a video, and I think I didn’t even give a cursory five-minute cool time, and I just replied immediately and in all caps. Then I wrote the most ridiculous e-mail to my team, in all caps, like, “I’M DOING THIS. I’M DOING IT FOR FREE. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. SEE YOU GUYS LATER.” [Laughs] “PUT IT ON MY SCHEDULE. I’M IN A HANSON VIDEO.”


Had you met them before or was it only on Twitter?

We met on Twitter and then we all had dinner, and like hung out a little bit, and they were the best. It was the biggest deal ever.

Well, I’m very jealous of you. For Hanson and Thor as well.

Yeah, Hanson and Thor are pretty much the best thing’s that have ever happen to me.


And they’ve got kind of a Norse look to them, too. You could have gotten them in the background of Asgard if you’d really tried.

Yeah, exactly! They could have been an Asgardian wedding band.


Oh my god, that would have so cool. They could have played over the credits, like Jane and Thor get married and they’re playing on old timey instruments.

Let’s call Marvel together.


It’s not too late. It’s not out yet.

It’s never too late.


I was wondering something while I was watching Thor: The Dark World… Darcy has been an intern for two years now. How much college credit does she need?

Who knows? I don’t even know where Darcy goes to college. Probably a community college. She probably just doesn’t go anymore. I’m guessing she goes to some local Santa Fe college and she just stopped going because she loves Jane and just doesn’t need to go to college, because she figures she’ll die soon or something. I don’t know. [Laughs] I don’t know! Nobody knows. Nobody even knows how old Darcy is, and nobody knows why she’s an intern still and no one knows really anything about her, so she’s a mystery.


You haven’t come up with this yourself? Like, what her major is at least?

In the first movie Jane mistakenly thinks she’s a science major, but she’s a political science major.


Oh, that’s right…

That’s what she says, but I highly doubt it. Why is Darcy interested in political science?



More like knitting science.


CraveOnline: Are you a knitter?

Kat Dennings: I am a knitter. I enjoy the knitting.


What are you working on right now?

In terms of knitting or film?



I’m slacking a bit on the knitting, but the last thing I made was a pretty badass scarf.



I’m not going to lie. It was a pretty nice scarf situation.


Did you get to wear anything you’ve made in any of your movies or shows?

No, but Darcy wears a lot of knits, so I should. I should force them to use one of my hats or something.


You could get a costumer credit!

I could! That’s something that would really benefit me later in life.


Absolutely. It would be a good idea to branch out, have a backup in case you don’t get to be in a lot of huge, hit movies with this whole acting thing.

Exactly. I know.


Was it at all disappointing that you didn’t get to go to Asgard this time out, or was that less pressure on you because you didn’t have to deal with all the visual effects?

I mean, I would love as a fan to see Darcy go to Asgard because that would be hilarious. Just unlimited comedy opportunities. So maybe in future films if they bring Darcy back. Because I never know. I didn’t even know if I was in this film until like, a week before my script came. They’re so secretive that I didn’t even know. People were asking me and there were rumors about it online and stuff, but I really didn’t know whether I was in it or not.


Are you watching “Agents of SHIELD” at all?

I’m not! I don’t have a TiVo and I’m working all the time, so I miss everything. I wait until it goes on Netflix and then I watch things in big blocks.


Everyone keeps talking about the events in The Avengers, like it’s a “Where were you when aliens invaded New York.” So I was wondering… we know they sent Jane away to protect her. Do you know if Darcy got to go with her, or where else was Darcy when the Chitauri invaded?

Well I’m guessing maybe it was London and that’s what happened, but I don’t know because we speak in Dark World, I mean briefly, when Jane is like “I saw you on TV in New York, why didn’t you come see me?” I don’t know. There are so many unanswered questions, and unfortunately I was so jetlagged during the whole shooting of the movie that I didn’t really think to ask the questions I should have asked. [Laughs] Maybe during the junket someone will ask that question and [executive producer] Craig Kyle could answer it.


It’s almost not important where Darcy comes from. She’s just sort of Darcy.

Yeah, exactly. She lives in her own universe.


Does that free you up for the comedic potential? Do you get to make Darcy your own more, or is that all on the page?

Yeah, no, they’re very free with Darcy, and they really gave me a lot of fun stuff on this movie, but they also let me improv a lot. In the first movie, I learned afterwards, the writers told me that Darcy originally was a man.



Yeah, and Darcy is not in the comic books, so she was really born out of the rehearsal process, and my previous friendship with Natalie [Portman] gave them kind of a little sister relationship that happened. That wasn’t scripted. None of that was scripted. She was [originally]just  kind of a person there that kind of annoyed Jane, and then she branched out and became what Darcy is now.


Do you think on the page she was supposed to be more annoying than adorable?

Yes! In terms of the first draft of the Darcy parts of the first script, she was sort of just there, and then we all were in the rehearsals together, the writers were in all the rehearsals, and they took extensive notes while Natalie and I and Chris [Hemsworth] worked scenes together. She came out of rehearsals. There’s no question about it. The script that I read while I was auditioning wasn’t even, I don’t think ended up in the movie. It was just a random scene. It sort of ended up in the movie and then sort of not. It was really an invention. Darcy was an invention.


Did any of your ad libs make it into the movie?

“Banana balls” was an ad lib. I’m trying to think. Some of the lines in the first scene, and when I say, “Eric Selvig went banana balls,” [that] was an ad lib. A few things sprinkled in there were ad libbed. I need to see it again to really get it. Anything extremely crazy was probably an ad lib.

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