October 03 – Chicago Tribune: Live! Movies

Kat Dennings

Age: 22

What: Co-star of “Nick and & Norah’s Infinite Playlist,” opening Friday.
Role: Norah Silverman, daughter of hotshot music exec, newfound friend of Nick (Michael Cera).

Interviewed at: Peninsula Hotel, 108 E. Superior St., Room 1016

Big hit: “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” in which she played Catherine Keener’s daughter.

Ambivalent about but coping with: Life in L.A.

Why she said hi to Michael Cera at a “Hot Fuzz” screening in L.A.: “He and his friend seemed like the most normal guys in the room.”

Regarding “Nick & Norah” director Peter Sollett, of “Raising Victor Vargas”: “Pete wanted us to feel comfortable and at ease and to feel like we had free roam. It takes a really good director to be able to give power up like that.”

The amazing thing about the filmmaking process: “You can turn any script, good or not, into a piece of crap.”

On-screen, Dennings and Cera are not what you’d call: “Hollywoody. I like to think of myself as not-Hollywoody, anyway.”